MTV Geek's Steven Smith Sounds Off On 'Episode VII'


"Start anew, stick to the story and don’t care about the merchandising."

By Steven Smith

They tell me to have faith. And by “they” I mean “them” and I by “them” I mean the same folks who promised me the prequels would be awesome.  You know these folks – delusional, hopeful, steeped in the Lucas lore yet probably didn’t read "Han Solo and the Lost Legacy".  The same people who didn’t blink at the idea of midichlorians and justified Jar Jar Binks screw up in the Senate as reason for his existence.  These people are wrong and will be again.  Or will they?

May the Mouse be with you.  Yup, Disney done bought itself some Jedis.  Now they own the Muppets, Marvel Comics, and At-Ats.  Doctor Who and Star Trek, fear them. There’s been a whole lot of hoopla over George Lucas selling the franchise and the biggest question unanswered is why the hell didn’t he do it earlier? 

The proof is in the Empire, George is at his best when someone else writes the scripts, someone else directs, and he oversees yet allows the story to develop as it should.  This is why "Empire" is the best of the three (I refuse to acknowledge the prequels – in fact I’d rather acknowledge Light Day) and had Lucas not gone to the merchandise dark side maybe Jedi would have followed suit.  Sidebar:  You’d think if George Lucas would go back and tinker anything it would be to take out the damn Ewoks and make them Wookies like they were supposed to be.

George should have learned from his mistakes with Jedi and franchised the films immediately.  Let someone else take a crack at it.  I am excited young names are being thrown around but let’s hope for fans sake it’s not the heartened effort "The Muppets" was but a more cohesive continuation.  Matthew Vaughn being touted as a possibility is great because his "X-Men: First Class" fit the pantheon of Bryan Singer's X-world but could stand by itself as great film.  It could have been any super hero or mutants in that flick and it still would be awesome. 

Personally I’m hoping for a serious time jump.  Go "Legend of Korra" on people’s butts.  Skip ahead eighty years and see where the galaxy is.  Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie and PLEASE PLEASE the damn droids can be dead and we are left dealing with their progeny.  Maybe it’s a dark time again and we can go back to old themes good versus evil and of course redemption.  As much as I loathe Ewoks  in Jedi  I do back the story of Vader redeeming himself. 

Serious sidebar:  To all you kids who dressed up as Jedi Anakin Skywalker for Halloween – you’re pretending to be someone who slaughters kids.  Just sayin’.  When I was a kid you wouldn’t be caught dead dressed as Darth Vader.  LAME. 

I say skip the whole Episode thing.  We get it and some of us remember when there weren’t any at the beginning.  The crawl just started.  Also, don’t use any lingo from the worlds in the title.  Keep Sith and Jedi out of it.  Start anew, stick to the story and don’t care about the merchandising.  It will happen regardless. 

Speaking of, isn’t it ironic how George Lucas didn’t want to kill off Han Solo in "Return of the Jedi" because he was concerned about licensing when nowadays "Clone Wars" merch, featuring the kid killing Anakin Skywalker, can be found everywhere?  Times do change, if those long long ago. 


Steven Smith has gotten into prequel arguments that have ruined friendships, his podcast Going Off Track boasts his strong nerd opinions and he thinks you should check it out, and he saw Star Wars twelve times in the theater the year it came out.  Yes he’s cool. 

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