Check Out This Impressive Fan-Built War Machine Armor!

We're continually impressed by the costumes people create for their convention outings, but once in awhile we stumble across one that puts all others to shame. Such is the case with this incredible, handmade War Machine cosplay. Not only does the face shield swing open and closed automatically, it's littered with all the (fake) weapons an aspiring hero could ever hope for.

The suit was created by Stealth Cosplay, who create videos and tutorials to help other cosplayers create their own unique costumes. Apparently, the "armor" is made out of foam, which not only keeps the cost down, but also makes the suit easier to wear than it would be if someone tried to make it out of metal or plastic.

What's great about the suit is all of the electronics that Stealth Cosplay was able to incorporate. The helmet's face shield can be automatically opened or closed and the faux weapons have abilities of their own. For instance, the big gatling gun on the back spins up just like a real one would and the arm mounted weapons light up and make sounds to add to the effect.

Check out the video below to see this awesome piece of work in action!