Celebrate Turkey Day With 'FRINGE' On Science Channel

On Tuesday November 20 at 8pm ET, Science Channel (currently high on its "Firefly" success) will begin airing syndicated episodes of Fox's soon-to-be-ending science fiction series "FRINGE." The first season of the beloved show will continue in daylong marathons on Friday the 23rd starting at 10:30am and Saturday the 24th at 10:30am as well.

During this special event, Science Channel will expand on the themes and real-life inspiration of some of the ideas presented in "FRINGE" in “Science of Fringe.” In "Science of Fringe," Dr. Michio Kaku and others will chat about time travel, dream sharing, and other fringe scientific ideas.

"FRINGE" will begin airing every Tuesday at 8-11pm ET starting on November 27. Each Tuesday, fans will be treated to be a special intro of the back-to-back-to-back episodes by Walter Bishop himself John Noble.

The fifth and final season of "FRINGE" is currently airing on FOX.