A Chat With Hannah Durham, The Good Samaritan Who Returned Neil Gaiman's Lost 'Doctor Who' Script

Yesterday, news broke about an actress leaving the script for Neil Gaiman's eagerly-anticipated Cybermen-centric "Doctor Who" episode in the back of a taxi cab in Cardiff. Originally it was believed that Neil himself left the hot property behind, but it turned out it was an unnamed member of the cast of the episode. Shortly after we posted our story, we received the following tweet:


So thanks to the wonderfully honest Hannah Durham, the script found its way back into the rightful hands of the "Who" production team, and thousands of Whovians remain unspoiled...and the script remains un-sold on Ebay. I asked Hannah if she'd answer a few questions for us and she kindly took time to give us the full story about her "Who" adventure. So let's hear it from Hannah Durham, "The Girl Who Did The Right Thing."

MTV Geek: So, take us through what happened when you found the script.

Hannah Durham: Me and my housemates were heading out for Halloween on Wednesday at about 10pm and we noticed this bit of paper with 'Doctor Who' and pictures on it. I vaguely thought it might be important so stuffed it in my bag and tried to remember not to lose it! I tried finding some contacts for the production team, which is understandably difficult, and told them I had the script, with no luck. I suppose they had no reason to believe me! Then luckily my friend managed to get hold of the production team, who were really helpful and I arranged to return it.

Geek: Did you know what you had found exactly and why it was such a big deal (considering Neil's involvement)?

HD: I honestly had no idea of its importance, or if it was real or new or old or anything. Then the morning after I saw the date on it and thought it might actually be important...

Geek: Are you a Doctor Who/Neil Gaiman fan?

HD: I'm sure this will horrify Whovians, but I haven't seen Doctor Who for a while and the significance of Neil Gaiman or any of the cast completely passed me by! Nevertheless, selling or leaking it never crossed my mind once. I have a big respect for the show and the BBC and I can't understand why anyone would want to spoil something that has obviously taken a lot of time and effort to create.

Geek: Why did you choose to not read the script?

HD: I chose not to read it, just because I didn't feel like I had a right to! Besides, you wouldn't want to see a painting when it's half finished would you? I'm sure it will be better to see the finished result.

Geek: Have you spoken with Neil or anyone involved with the show since the news broke?

HD: Neil thanked me and offered me a signed copy of the script. He seems like such a nice guy I'm glad the whole thing wasn't spoiled for him!

Geek: What's the most surprising part of this whole situation?

HD: The most surprising thing has definitely been the amount of response from the fans! I'm not gonna lie, I'd never heard of a Whovian before now. But WOW. you guys really care about this show! And I was surprised that 99% of the responses weren't asking me for any kind of spoilers, but actually thanking me for returning it unspoiled. Such nice people! I definitely have a lot of respect for the show and its fans now, and I'm really glad I could be the one to ensure this script gets back in the right hands safe and sound!

Geek: Thanks so much, Hannah!

Here's Neil Gaiman's thank you tweet to Hannah: