Deadpool Costume Hoodie Instantly Turns You Into The Merc With A Mouth

Halloween may be over, but that's no reason to stop dressing up like your favorite comic book characters. Who needs a holiday? This latest costume hoodie will turn you into the Merc with the Mouth with one simple zip. It won't make you as clever or deadly as Deadpool, but there's no denying you'll look pretty stylish in the red and black.

Like many of the other costume hoodies we've been drooling over lately, this Deadpool get-up just keeps on zipping, all the way over your face, turning what was a simple hood into an awesome Deadpool mask. Heading out to a local convention? This is perfect way to stay warm and rep your favorite character at the same time. What more could you ask for?

If you want a Deadpool costume hoodie of your own there are several retailers to choose from, but NeatoShop has them ready to ship right now. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this it looks like they only have a whole 7 hoodies left. Another option would be Midtown Comics... Actually, they're selling them for just $62.99 compared to $74.95, so that may be the best choice.