The Daily Geek: It’s Carl Sagan’s Birthday, There’s A Stack Of Zombies At The Wall And More

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARL! Today, one of the greatest humans ever would have been 78.

BIG OL’ STACK O’ ZOMBIES! Here’s the trailer for “World War Z.” Yes, the zombies run. Get over it.

COMICS GIVE BACK! The NY Times highlighted The Heroes Initiative, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and We Can Be Heroes in a nice article.

TUMBLR! The micro-blogging service has updated it’s iPad app.

IT’S LIKE THE DARKNESS IS COMING RIGHT AT YOU! “Man of Steel” will be released in 3D. Or whatever.

DEATHSTROKE! Here’s what the DC villain looks like on “Arrow.” I digs it.

F.A.R.T. counts down the 100 worst movie titles ever.

YELLOW! Blake Butler from Thought Catalog liveblogged “Moonrise Kingdom” and you should it. Here’s a taste:

Wrote and then deleted “Bruce Willis seems pretty chill.”

BEHOLD, BANTHAPUG! Sure, why not?


BEST TRAILER EVER? Watch this unreleased trailer for “The Excorcist.” I love it. Like a lot.

’Til Monday, gang!