The Daily Geek: It's Carl Sagan's Birthday, There's A Stack Of Zombies At The Wall And More

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- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARL! Today, one of the greatest humans ever would have been 78.

- BIG OL' STACK O' ZOMBIES! Here's the trailer for "World War Z." Yes, the zombies run. Get over it.

- COMICS GIVE BACK! The NY Times highlighted The Heroes Initiative, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and We Can Be Heroes in a nice article.

- TUMBLR! The micro-blogging service has updated it's iPad app.

- IT'S LIKE THE DARKNESS IS COMING RIGHT AT YOU! "Man of Steel" will be released in 3D. Or whatever.

- DEATHSTROKE! Here's what the DC villain looks like on "Arrow." I digs it.

- F.A.R.T. counts down the 100 worst movie titles ever.

- YELLOW! Blake Butler from Thought Catalog liveblogged "Moonrise Kingdom" and you should it. Here's a taste:

Wrote and then deleted “Bruce Willis seems pretty chill.”

- BEHOLD, BANTHAPUG! Sure, why not?


- BEST TRAILER EVER? Watch this unreleased trailer for "The Excorcist." I love it. Like a lot.

'Til Monday, gang!

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