Another Lap Around The Track: Universal Announces 'Death Race: Inferno'

Hey, wanna see a movie with Machete, Marcellus Wallace, and a former boy band member/cannibalistic vampire from "Blade 2?" Universal's got that on lock with the January release of the second sequel to the "Death Race" remake.

Universal is taking the custom murder car action to South Africa with "Blade 2"/"Hellboy II" actor Luke Goss returning as impossible-to-kill racer Frankenstein. Also: cage fights with pretty ladies!

Universal has made some solid change out of these direct-to-DVD/Blu genre sequels, of which "Death Race: Inferno" director Roel Reiné is a veteran, having helmed both the last "Death Race" movie as well as "The Scorpion King 3." Typically, these movies find a formula and just work them to the bone, in this case, dragging the Death Race concept out to the middle of the desert, adding a handful of new racers, and mixing up the famous/semi-famous faces acting as heavies and heroes.

As for Goss, he's had a curious career, getting his start in musical theater, with a brief stint doing the boy band thing with his twin brother, and ending up the charismatic baddie for Guillermo Del Toro across two movies, with small parts in everything from "Fringe" to the recent "Tekken" live-action film. I always kind of hoped he'd hit it bigger, but he doesn't quite have the action chops of someone like Jason Statham, and he doesn't do warm and cuddly well, relegating him to a lot of villain roles.

If you want to see him in action, you can check out "Death Race: Inferno" when it hits DVD and Blu-ray on January 22nd from Universal's DVD Original line.

You can check out he trailer below: