Update: Some Actor Leaves Neil Gaiman New 'Cybermen' Script In Back Of Cab; Hilarity Still Ensuing (But Not As Much)

No, not really -- we're not gonna screw ya like that, Whovians

Update to Update to Update: The good samaritan who found and returned the script to the BBC has been identified: one Hannah Durham, @hannahldurham . Feel free to thank her for saving "Doctor Who" from being completely infected with spoilerization. Good work, Hannah!

Update to Update: We previously covered the news about Cybermen/Neil Gaiman on "DW" yesterday, taken from official press release. We're not trying to destroy your spoiler-free "virgin" first viewings of these new episodes, we promise!

Update: Some people are now saying "some actor" left the script in cab. Which makes sense, because Gaiman has probably handled thousands of spoilery scripts by this point and probably knows better.

Neil Gaiman quite possibly Somebody accidentally (well, I mean there's no other way, really) left a copy of his the first Cybermen-themed "Doctor Who" script in the back of a cab in Cardiff, according to Reddit.

While this could be a disaster of immense proportions to the BBC -- as well as "Doctor Who" fans who might get a little "stabby" (in the hip fan lingo sense, of course) having the new episodes spoiled -- there has been a noble effort among all involved, including Reddit and @NeilHimself, to return said script to said BBC.

As Shrimpdude on Reddit noted:

"Been in touch with various members of the production team (Nerdgasm) and we've arranged a return of the script. Thank you everyone that upvoted this post so it got the attention of the BBC. This thread has made my life - I never would have believed I could help out the Doctor Who production team!"

So does a good deed in a weary world.

So instead of running the picture of said script (now back at home with said BBC), we will show instead this photo of vintage 1980s Doctor Who underpants:


You're welcome.

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