Twitter Dress Lights Up The Night With Tweets In Real-Time!

There's no surprise anymore when you see t-shirts or sneakers that light up, but a high-end dress that streams a live Twitter feed? Well, let's just say pop singer Nicole Scherzinger got more than a few looks when she wore just that to a recent event in London.

At first glance it may look like your typical designer attire, but the Twitter dress, created by Cute Circuit, is anything but average. To bring the light show to life, the dress is equipped with hundreds of bright LEDs that work together to display thousands of tweets from fans around the globe.

To make sure the dress displayed tweets during the event, Cute Circuit put out a call to all of Nicole Scherzinger's fans, asking them to tweet messages with the hashtag “tweetthedress” and all of those messages were immediately sent to the dress so folks could see it action while she wore it.

You can learn more about Cute Circuit and the work they by heading oiver their website. Before you go, see the Twitter dress in action in the video below!

[via DVICE]