Is Obama's 'Four More Years' Tweet The Most Retweeted Of All Time?

Following his victory in yesterday's election, the following tweet came from President Obama's account:

And according to BuzzFeed and Mediabistro, it quickly became the most retweeted tweet of all time, surpassing (as of this writing) 690,000 retweets. Twitter has not confirmed that this is the official record holder, as Mashable says that the company is very guarded about its stats.

Peviously, the proposed top-retweeted tweet was from either Twitter monster Justin Bieber or an update from the fast food chain Wendy's account. Though those numbers pale in comparison to the still-growing "Four More Years" number.

According to Mashable there were 31 million tweets about the election, reaching 327,452 tweets a minute by the time of the winning announcement. This was by far the most tweeted about political election of all time and a coup for the social media company.

[Source: Mashable]