Behold The Real Picard Facepalm: Man Proposes In Front Of Entire Star Trek Cast

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I'm not sure of the bigger story here -- the fact that a man proposed to his sweetheart in front of virtually the entire "Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast, or we have what appears to be a real-life Picard/Patrick Stewart "facepalm" recorded on film/digital.

The event was Austin Wizard World Con, at a photo opp with the STTNG cast. Reddit user Luckboy28 recounts what he observed:

"The way this sort of photo session works is pretty standard: people come in, stand next to Patrick, say a few words, and then we all pose for the picture. Each person is there for less than half a minute (which I think really sucks because of how much they pay for the opportunity, but is pretty much the only way we can manage the hundreds of people who usually sign up for these things.)

About 30 minutes or so into this particular session, these two people came in. The girl went to stand between Patrick and Frakes, and the guy directed her to stand in the front, instead. All of us tried to figure out what was going on (usually it's small kids who come to the front, usually sitting on Brent's lap or Gates' lap), and the guy said, 'I really love Star Trek, but I love [her name] even more.' He got down on one knee, and proposed to her."

Apparently Marina Sirtis immediately started to cry at the touching event -- which is only fitting, as she played the empathic Deanna Troi -- and Patrick Stewart really didn't do a facepalm. Luckboy28 clarifies: " I think it's likely that Patrick was just wiping sweat off his brow or something like that."

But we can still dream, can't we?

An example of the mighty Picard Facepalm, for the culturally deprived

Anyway, good luck to the happy couple, kudos to the super-cool Trek cast. Personally, I'm far more interested in Wil Wheaton's expression than Stewart's:

Frakes also emoted a lot:

While Brent Spiner was all completely chill:

'Cause he's Data, man.

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