Of Superheroes And Presidents: An Election Day Special!

They're both, in a way, larger-than-life icons in our daily lives: superheroes and presidents. From the 1968 DePatie-Freleng  cartoon "Super President," to the 1973 DC Comics series "The Prez," to Howard the Duck's popular real-life 1976 campaign (okay, maybe Howard isn't technically a superhero...but he's hung out with a lot of them), to Superman arch-rival Lex Luthor's ultimately disastrous turn at POTUS in 2000 --" pop-culture presidency" is just a part of America.

The actual candidates this time around have been no less immune to superhero imagery. President Obama has been depicted as Superman, or as an analogue/symbol of Superman, in several comics and photos. Obama has also "played himself" in several comic book universes, and has even shared a milkshake with Sarah Palin in the Archie Universe. Some hard-line opponents of the current president, in contrast, have gone so far as to create a viral campaign in which he is depicted as The Joker.

Batman's Rogue Gallery to be handy symbols to use when seeking to smear the opposing side, as presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been linked to Bane -- a result of timing (the release of "The Dark Knight Rises"), and his connection to the similar-sounding Bain Capital.

Most recently, Captain America has been appointed as president of Marvel's "Ultimate" universe. The storyline, which sees the United States  fractured and in shambles after a major disaster, sees Cap being sworn into office after a "special election." Captain America tells his adoring fans, " America is my White House."

One thing we can be sure of at this point on Election Day is that the scribes at the various comic book publishers are going to scramble to fit whomever wins back into their respective fictional universes. Obama seems to be the current president in the DC Universe -- will that change if Romney is elected? And how many Bluewater Publishing comics can we expect from all the fallout of the election results?

Questions, questions...it's going to be an interesting 2013!

Enjoy this little gallery of images of superheroes (and villains) as presidents...and vice-versa!

And this is technically for mayor, but I figure it's still obligatory:

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