Want To See Unreleased 'Firefly' Anniversary Special Footage? Here's How!

We previously told you about Science Channel's "Firefly" 10th Anniversary special event, "Firefly: Browncoats Unite" airing on November 11 that'll show tons of footage and goodies from the cult classic series! But to extra-celebrate this glorious special for fans of the "'Fly," Science is setting to unleash even more footage from their special that, according to the channel itself, "just couldn't be squeezed into the hour-long special." But it's up to YOU if you want to see it!

All you have to do is Tweet @ScienceChannel with #FireflyNov11 and for every 5,000 Tweets received, Science will release a new, never-before-seen vid.

Check out Science's "Firefly" page for more info and get to the Tweetin'!

"Firefly: Browncoats Unite" will air on Sunday, November 11 at 10pm on Science Channel.

Watch the "Firefly" panel from the year's New York Comic Con!

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