EXCLUSIVE!: 'Justice League of America' #1 Triumphs with 52 State Variants, Plus More News

DC celebrates new series with 52 variant covers, new titles, and creative changes

Don't wait until 2015 to get excited about the "Justice League" -- DC Comics is kicking off 2013 in a BIG way for the "JLA"! And they're doing it by getting to the roots of what makes the Justice League of America so special -- their wonderfully diverse homebase, the United States!

February will see not only the release of the highly-anticipated  "Justice League of America" #1 (by the powerhouse team of Geoff Johns and David Finch) -- but 52 variant covers, one for each state, as well as Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. We'll also get solo books for two fan-favorite characters, Vibe (by "Arrow" creator Andrew Kreisberg and artist Pete Woods) and Katana (written by "Catwoman" scribe Ann Nocenti and artist Alex Sanchez).

Also, the immense popularity of the CW show "Arrow" also couldn't possibly be ignored, and we'll see an exciting new era for "Green Arrow" starting with issue #17 with new series team Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. GA, Vibe and Katana will also all be teammates on the "Justice League of America," just part of DC's commitment to strengthen the brand and grow its universe of diverse and intriguing characters.

"We've done a lot of great things with the 'New 52," DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio exclusively told MTV Geek, "and now we're putting the focus back on Justice League, with the launch of 'Justice League of America'. We want to make people realize that this is one of our key franchises, and we plan to build it out not just with the main 'Justice League' titles, but other books that tie into them as well."

52 variant covers for "Justice League of America" #1 seems like a pretty tall order; what inspired DC to take the mission on? Explains DiDio:

"Given the title of the comic and the year in which we're announcing -- an election year -- we wanted to celebrate the country, as well as the various states."

There will the initial "regular" cover of "Justice League of America" #1 -- featuring an American flag -- and then each of the variants will depict elements from each of the states. The sure-to-be collectible cover initiative will not be an "incentive" stunt for comic book retailers -- every shop owner has the equal opportunity to buy every cover equally.

Given the fact that America is about to go to the election polls, and are coming together to support the relief efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy, this is the sort of positive comic news that contributes to hope and pride in the United States. Further, given the diverse ethnic backgrounds of Vibe and Katana, it all just makes the "Justice League" universe -- and, in turn, DC -- seem just a bit more inclusive. We need all those things in this industry, and in the comics we love.

Because what is the use of the tales of Heroes if not to inspire, bringing people together while celebrating our differences?

Stay tuned to MTV Geek all day long, as we will be rolling out exclusive creator essays and art from "Justice League of America," "Justice League of America's Vibe," Katana," and "Green Arrow."  And don't forget to hit stores during February 2013 for all these comics -- as well as the special "Justice League of America" cover for your state!

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