Turn Your iPhone Into A 100db Siren With Coyote Case!

This isn't the first time we've seen an iPhone case that protects you and your phone, but it is the first time we've seen one so loud. Rather than blinding would-be attackers with pepper spray, the Coyote Case turns scares them off with an extremely loud siren.

The case is capable of emitting a deafening 100db sound (about as loud a smoke detector) that should alert anyone nearby of your distress. The idea is to have the siren work in the same way a house alarm would – draw so much attention to the act that anyone attempting to harm or rob you would be forced to run away.

On top of the loud noise, The Coyote Case is also able to communicate with a case-specific app via Bluetooth. In the event of the alarm being set off, the app would automatically send your GPS location as a text message to all of the numbers you have listed in your emergency contacts.

As of right now, the creators are looking to gather funding for the Coyote Case via Indiegogo. Their goal is to reach $120,000 by November 26th and at the time of writing they've gathered $2,688.

Here's the pitch...