The Disney Star Wars Deal, According To Taiwanese Animation

You know, after all the coverage about this Disney/Lucasfilm/Episode VII thing, I just couldn't put my finger on what was missing...something to make it all seem finally REAL!  And now I have found it --

Yes, those wags at NMA have done it again, encapsulating the essence of a breaking news story via odd 3-D modelling.

Here are some highlights:


The part of George Lucas this evening will be played by a 50-year-old John Krasinski

As in all business mergers, a girl dressed like Minnie Mouse pole-dances before the big deal

THIS guy! C'mon, people!

How does R2-D2 type?

Han shoots first, foreshadowing possible Lucasfilm/Pixar rivalries...

But then the Avengers arrive!

This is like the greatest MUGEN battle ever!

But Holy Inception, Batman! They're all just really Happy Meal toys!

Lucassssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! (insert Quagmire giggity-goo and "That's All Folks" here)

You're welcome.

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