Is Guillermo del Toro Directing A 'Justice League Dark' Movie (Or Is This A Complete Fantasy)?

We called it yesterday morning -- the announcement of the Disney/Lucasfilm/Episode VII trifecta of awesome was likely to squeeze some sort of "Justice League" movie news out into the interwebs. Now MTV Splashpage is reporting about a very intriguing rumor out from Latino Review: that none other than Guillermo del Toro might be attached to a movie based on the DC comic "Justice League Dark," called "Heaven Sent."

Now, I trust Splashpage's opinion on all things superhero-movie related, and they don't put much faith in this rumor: "we're not holding our breath for any confirmation on this project for quite some time."

So this can't be the "Justice League" movie news we were looking for, right? According to Latino Review, the movie is attached to a 2020 release date (which is eight years after the Mayan apocalypse). But more than that -- Warner Bros. has to lead with a "JL" movie lineup that features DC's most iconic characters. I love me some John Constantine, Etrigan the Demon, and even June Moon, but compared to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman those occult characters are B+ to C level at best.


For some reason, del Toro seems about right as the sort of director Warner Bros. might turn to for superhero movies in general. Got a good feeling about him. Though my heart is really set on the Wachowskis.

Hope somebody throws more marketing research PR buzz news/rumors into the mix soon! Me and the hubby yak about this stuff for hours.

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