Google Updates iOS Voice Search, Takes Aim At Siri

Apple has spent a lot of time (and money) to make sure we all now how cool Siri is. Though they may have had some trouble with the new Maps app, Siri has always been a pretty well-oiled machine and the iOS 6 update made the soft-spoken companion even better. But it looks like Google is hot their heels, as the Google Search app has recently been updated with all-new voice search features, including an awfully familiar voice that talks back to you.

On top of helping users find things like showtimes, the best restaurant in town, sports scores and so much more, the fact that Siri actually talks back to you can be pretty entertaining. Asking her (I'm gong to assume it's a lady) things like “What's your favorite color?” always seems to get a goofy response. So, I figured I would start my Google voice search test the same way. Sure enough, I got a verbal response that went something like “Well, it can be a pretty tough choice.” Just what I was looking for.

Then it was on to more difficult questions. First I said “Show me the Iron Man 3 trailer.” The response time is incredibly fast, faster than Siri in my experience. I was using an iPhone 4 and within a second or two the Iron Man 3 trailer was playing on screen via YouTube with other search results displayed along with it. “That must have been too easy,” I thought to myself. How about something a little more vague: “What football games are on tonight?” Bam! Just as fast as the Iron Man search, Google delivered tonight's full NFL lineup in an instant.

Of course trying to use Google's app on an iPhone rather than Siri does have its drawbacks. The fact that it isn't incorporated right into iOS means asking things like “Where's the nearest GameStop?” won't automatically bring up the Maps app like it does when you ask Siri. That said, it's still incredibly responsive and the addition of an actual voice that responds to you is a welcome addition. Check out the video below for a demo of Google's new voice search.

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