The 'Episode VII' Effect: Will We Hear More Justice League Movie News Soon?

Look, I feel this is inevitable...with Disney/Star Wars dominating the current newscycle like a giant rampaging Wampa, the heat is on Warner Bros. to counter with some kick-ass "Justice League" movie news or something of that magnitude. "Star Wars Episode VII" is going head-to-head with the "JL" film, fer heaven's sake! So is "Avengers," but that's Marvel/Disney...which brings on even MORE pressure for that jaw-dropping, pants-wetting news. (Read more about the "Justice League" movie at MTV Splashpage)

Then again, it may not be about "Justice League" at all. Maybe the WB will acquire their own cool multi-billion dollar franchise and tell the world about it. Here's my completely baseless guesses, once again donning my Sally Speculator cap of pure guessery:

1. Warner Bros. announces director of "Justice League"

No, not this Ben Affleck rumory stuff -- but I mean officially announces the actual director of this movie. Contract signed, everything. (Wachowskis???)

2. Warner Bros. announces key "Justice League" casting

Look, if you only just had, say, the character of Batman locked-down with an actor -- that's HUGE NEWS. They wouldn't even need to cast the whole JL crew yet. Just do Batman. Repeat after me: "Joseph Gordon-Levitt IS Batman." Or Jon Hamm. Or Zach Galifianakis. I don't care. Just SOMEBODY.

3. Warner Bros. announces multi-film slate that includes "JL," new "Batman," Superman sequel, etc.

So say they announce a slate "Marvel Studios Style" -- interlocking movies that will cover the next decade at least. Solo movies that lead into team pictures. In order to counter Dismarvlucas, that may be the only way to go.

4. Warner Bros. announces "Arkham Asylum/Arkham City" movie or TV show

That would come out of left-field, but would be no less awesome. There's an enormous built-in audience for the video games.

Here's other things you might hear from Warner Bros. to counter-act the "Episode VII" newscycle:

* A Harry Potter TV series or new movie franchise: continuing the adventures, or just doing an "Episode VII" and introducing a whole new bunch of kids.

* Ditto for "Lord of The Rings" franchise.

* Warner Bros. buys Mattel: Mattel's already doing the DCU figures, and DC's putting out the "Masters of the Universe" comics. Throw in Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Monster High and let's roll with it!

* A 1960s Batman TV series mega-boxed set in time for Christmas -- OK, this would be big news to me. BUT --

* An Adult Swim show based on the actual 1960s "Batman" -- done just like the orginal TV show. Think about it. Huh? Huh?

Anyway, it's time to remove my Sally Speculator hat and get back down to Earth -- away from my high-flying nerd dreams and suppositions. Only time will tell. And if I'm right on any of this? Buy me a sammich.

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