iOS-Controlled iStrike Shuttle Bombs Your Friends With Ping Pong Balls!

We humans have dreamed of taking to the skies in flight since our inception. Well, too bad! People can't fly and unless you have loads of dough just lying around your house you won't be buying anything to make you fly. Thankfully, there are loads of awesome flying toys that we can control instead. The latest is the iStrike Shuttle, an iOS controlled drone of sorts that will drop ping pong balls on your unsuspecting co-workers. Yep, office warfare is about to go airborne.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter (24 days to go with about one third of the goal reached) the iStrike Shuttle looks to compete with similar products like the Helo TC from Griffin, but takes a unique approach in a market flooded with knock-offs and cheap alternatives. Rather than sporting plain old helicopter looks, the iStrike Shuttle looks more like, well, a shuttle?

Users control the flying bomb dropper by syncing it up with their iOS device of choice via Bluetooth. From there you're able to take to the skies with a choice of different control methods while stalking the prey. Once you've managed to position the shuttle above the victim it's “Bombs Away!” as the iStrike Shuttle ever-so-gently drops a ping pong ball on their head.

Dream Cheeky, the team behind this unique flying toy, have set up a slew of different pledge options for those of you who want to get an iStrike Shuttle of your own. For $85-$100 you can get one of the first iStrike Shuttles just in time for the holidays while $120 earns you the shuttle plus three ping pong balls designed by project backers. If you want to get your hands on the limited edition, see-through version of the iStrike Shuttle you'll have to come off $160.

Here's the pitch...