Marvel NOW!: Behind the ReEvolution - The Making Of 'All-New X-Men'

Brian Michael Bendis and "X-Men" editor Nick Lowe chat about their hopes, fears and plans for "All-New X-Men" in our latest episode of "Marvel NOW!: Behind the ReEvolution."

"All-New X-Men" is an entry point into a brave, new, angsty mutant-filled world for Bendis who's been the number one "Avengers" guy for years. He said, "I had done a lot of stuff to the "X-Men" universe without being an "X-Men" writer. Like, "House of M" gave Wolverine his memories back, I killed Charles Xavier, I know it shows a lot of destruction, but it showed to me, a lot of love and affection for the X-Men."

"We love these characters so much, X-Men were kind of my drug comics," said Nick Lowe upon recalling a story of his first encounter with Marvel's mutants following a bike crash and a stint in the hospital when he was 14.

According to Bendis, "All-New X-men" is really about looking back and paying tribute to the Silver Age adventures of the "X-Men," while pushing the title forward into an exciting, unexpected and "All-New" future.

"All-New X-Men" #2 is on shelves now.

Check out our first episode of Marvel NOW!: Behind the ReEvolution here:

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