The Desk Where Bram Stoker Created 'Dracula' Is Hitting The Auction Block!

Before "Twilight" made them shimmer, before "True Blood" took them mainstream, one man changed vampire lore forever. Now, Irish-born author Bram Stoker's actual writing table, the place where the the modern vampire was born, is going up for auction.

Once again, Profiles in History's Joe Maddalena has managed to get his hands on an amazing piece and this December, as part of the Hollywood Auction, they plan on selling the writing table where Bram Stoker's "Dracula" came to life and set the bar for the countless vampire stories that would follow.

According to Profiles in History, Stoker gave this historic desk to his close friend and editor of the “Yorkshire Post” JSR Phillips at the beginning of the last century. However, over time, the desk became worn, with drawers missing and legs being sawn short. Thankfully, the owner of the desk commissioned master furniture artist Mark Brazier-Jones to preserve and enhance the cultural artifact as a work of art. He also designed and crafted the perfect candelabra to coincide with the Dracula theme and set atop the desk.

The Profiles in History Hollywood Auction will be held December 15 & 16. Bram Stoker's revitalized desk, full of secret compartments hidden within the stunning woodwork, is expected to bring in $60,000 - $80,000. You can learn more by heading over the