Live Long And Prosper In This Spock Costume Hoodie!

We've talked about quite a few geeky costume hoodies leading up to Halloween but, for the most part, they've all been focused toward the male audience. Fear not lady geeks! We promise you haven't been forgotten! In fact, this Star Trek Spock hoodie is just for you!

Wearing a hoodie that zips up over your face (like these Star Wars hoodies) would probably be a little annoying. Thankfully, Spock doesn't wear a helmet. He does, however, have some pretty pointy ears and this hoodie isn't afraid to show them off. The hood is mainly black, like Spock's hair, and as I'm sure you've noticed, features a pair of those iconic Vulcan ears protruding from the sides. The rest of the number is designed to look like the typical blue Federation uniforms.

If you want one of your own it will set you back around $55. It's 60% cotton, 40% polyester and Hot Topic is offering them up on their website right now, but I'm sure you could find one in-store if you look around enough. In the words of Spock himself: Live long and prosper.