Giant AT-ST Costume Stands 14-Feet Tall, Doesn't Fear Ewoks

Happy Halloween! With trick-or-treating set to begin this evening, we expect quite a few pint-sized Jedi, Rebel soldiers and Ewoks will be storming the neighborhood. That's all well and good, but they had better keep an eye for this guy, who will apparently be taking to the sidewalk in this awesomely huge Star Wars AT-ST costume.

It might not be baby-powered like the Power Loader costume we saw this morning, but this homemade AT-ST (clearly inspired by Return of the Jedi) is definitely another top-notch Halloween costume to add to the list of 2012's geekiest. It stands 14' tall and you can see it in action in the video below.

He may want to squirt some WD-40 in those joints, but other than it's a pretty impressive build. It turns out the original design had the wearer sporting stilts with his head up near the bottom of the walker's head, but that idea was apparently scrapped for something a bit more practical. Other than that there really aren't too many details on the build, but it's clear a lot of time went into planning just how the contraption would work. Well done, sir. Well done.