Is Leia Now An Official 'Disney Princess'?

To heck with all this talk about "mergers" and film sequels, and who gets Indy's fedora and all that. The real question about the Disney/Lucasfilm deal that's keeping me up at night is: IS PRINCESS LEIA NOW AN OFFICIAL "DISNEY PRINCESS"?

Let's review the evidence, shall we?

Leia is a princess.

Disney just bought Lucasfilm and all related ideas therein.

"Star Wars" is a related idea therein.

Leia is part of Star Wars

Thus, Leia is a Disney Princess.

And, I might add, possibly the first Disney Princess with a firearm. Though Merida from "Brave" was pretty dangerous with a bow and arrow (Mulan was pretty bad-ass, too).

From my sources (a friend of a friend of a friend of an imaginary friend of a hallucination), I hear there's one Disney Princess not too happy with all this renewed "Star Wars" publicity:

Here we have a brand-new Disney Princess, Sofia The First, and Leia has to go hijack the hype.

Yeah, sure you don't Leia. Sure you don't. (I'm sensing a potential Minaj/Carey situation happening here down Disneyland lane)

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