Will The Star Wars TV Series Run On ABC?

An image from one of the rumored Star Wars TV series, "Underworld"

We at MTV Geek have tirelessly tracked the epic story of the long-rumored "Star Wars" television series...and now, with the stunning news of the Disney/Lucasfilm marriage, the light seems ever brighter at the end of the tunnel for this TV show. Or IS it? Let us again put on our Idle Speculation caps, coupled with what we already know from our previous posts.

According to Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum, this new Star Wars TV series was to be no lighthearted adventure -- but instead, in his words, "Deadwood in space." Both McCallum and George Lucas cited the budgetary restrictions of network TV as being a barrier to the epic vision. In fact, in this year's Star Wars Celebration VI, Lucas seemed to dismiss the idea of any sort of live-action "Star Wars" TV program, stating "You have limited resources. You can do things in animation you can’t do in live-action."

But we at Geek had the following suggestion to the fine folks at Lucasfilm:

"...it might benefit Lucasfilm to find an alternate method of producing/distributing the show...perhaps something that could be streamed online as part of its own entity, rather than airing on a network. In this respect, maybe the only way we will get to finally see this show is for the company to apply their own ingenuity and forward-thinking into a compatible viewing format that may now only exist in the realm of science fiction..."

OR just get bought by Disney, who can fast-track a "SW" show (or two, or three) through their network ABC like they're doing for Marvel's "S.H.I.E.L.D."

My money's on this definitely happening -- but in the meantime, you can always enjoy Seth Green and Matt Senreich's animated (and official) spoof cartoon "Star Wars: Detours," coming to a TV set near you in a galaxy far, far away.

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