Geeky Dad Builds 'Aliens' Inspired Baby Ripley Power Loader Costume

It might be too late to try making your own, but there's no denying the creativity behind this Halloween costume. Once again a geeky dad has proven that geeky dads are the best dads ever by creating an "Aliens"-inspired power loader costume complete with a baby Ripley-sized cockpit.

Surprisingly, the man behind this ingenious baby carrier/Halloween costume only spent “two nights and a day” building it out of cardboard and hot glue. His daughter rides in a Baby Bjorn baby carrier and even has a nice rollbar to protect her from zombies, vampires and all of the other creatures lurking about on All Hallows Eve. On top of that, the entire costume only weighs about 10 pounds and it was designed to come off quickly in the event of an emergency.

Check out the video below to see the bay Ripley and the Power Loader in action!

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