The New Star Wars Films: What We Know So Far (Plus Idle Speculation)

You know, after watching the documentary "The People Vs. George Lucas" recently, I sort of despaired about ever seeing a new "Star Wars" film again. So this news, so late on a Tuesday (for a East Coaster still in a daze from Hurricane Sandy)...well, it just about sent my jaw dropping to the floor. A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE, people! (read more deets at MTV Movies) What returning characters might we see? Who's going to star in it? And what's going to happen when it goes toe-to-toe with "Avengers 2" plus maybe "Justice League" at the box office?!

Okay (pant! pant! pant!) here's the sitch so far:

"Star Wars: Episode 7" hits theaters 2015. This would seem to start off a new trilogy, involving Episodes 8 & 9.


In the Disney/Lucasfilm investor's press call, they also mentioned putting out a new "SW" film ever 2-3 years after that. So they're doing this the way I like to refer to as "Marvel Style." It's gonna be a well-oiled machine, pumping out blockbuster after blockbuster.

This then leads to ANOTHER interesting question: if the Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" was supposed to be Disney/Marvel's "space epic," will it be endangered at all by this recent merger/movie announcement? How is Rocket Raccoon going to size up against a Wookie? Might "GoG" be a victim of the sort of "redundancy" that happens when corporate titans merge?

And think about all the pressure Warner Bros. must be under! How is "Justice League" going to fare against two of the biggest entertainment franchises of all time? I can't think of a single franchise WB could purchase at this point that could overcome such a juggernaut...unless like "Justice League" is directed by God or somebody (and/or stars Ryan Gosling).

But as I said -- all idle speculation. It's gonna be a long road to 2015, kids! Let's not forget to fill teh Internets with plenty of teh tasty-tasty rumors!

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