10 Comic Book Characters Named After Nasty Weather

First, and most importantly, we hope you all are staying safe out there with the oncoming storm. And if you’re like us, you’re hunkering down with a flashlight under the covers, reading through your old comics and waiting out Hurricane Sandy. Mid-way through a copy of Claremont-era X-Men, it occurred to us just how many comic book heroes – and villains – are named after bad weather. Here’s ten of our favorites:

10. Typhoon

Mostly seen as a Firestorm villain in DC Comics, David Drake has the ability to transform into a gigantic, living Typhoon. This happened when he was electrocuted in a nuclear submarine during a typhoon, because comics, that’s why.

9. Hurricane

There’s been a number of characters named Hurricane in Marvel Comics history, but our favorite is probably the evil Old West gunslinger Harry Kane. He got his name from… Well, his name, of course, but also from the fact that he drank a mystical potion and became super fast. And that potion was called ‘5 Hour Energy Drink.’

8. Rahne Sinclair

Because her first name is pronounced “Rain,” get it? Sigh.

7. Blizzard

There have been three – very similar – Blizzards in the Marvel U, but the best is Blizzard II, mainly for his association with the villains turned heroes The Thunderbolts. He’s bounced back and forth between hero and villain for years, ultimately ending up on the side of the bad guys… For now.

6. Cyclone

Maxine Hunkel is an adorable nerd with wind powers who totally geeks out about the Justice Society of America. True to her name, she dresses in an outfit inspired by the Wizard of Oz, which is also adorable.

5. Doctor Who

He’s been called “The Oncoming Storm” by his enemies, and we had to flesh out this list somehow, right? Cough.

4. Red Tornado

John Smith was an android created to destroy the Justice League, and ended up becoming one of their most valuable allies. Later, he turned out to be an elemental or something? Anyway, he looks cool, and is almost constantly getting ripped to pieces.

3. Sandman

Or Sandy, for short. Last ridiculous one, we swear.

2. The North Wind

There’s actually a few different storm and wind characters in Vertigo’s Fables, but the best has to be Bigby Wolf’s Dad, The North Wind. Regal, nearly all powerful, and kind of a pompous jerk… But still devoted to his grandchildren.

1. Storm

Who else could be number one, but the mistress of weather herself, Storm? The sometimes leader of The X-Men could even possibly be a goddess, depending on what continuity you believe… But whether (weather?) that’s true or not, she’s one mutant you don’t want to mess with.