First Clip From Animated 'Axe Cop' - With The Voice of Ron Frickin' Swanson!

Here's an amazing Halloween treat: the folks at FOX's upcoming ADHD have "leaked" the first animated clip from the "Axe Cop" cartoon... And Axe Cop is voiced by none other than (an uncredited) Ron Frickin' Swanson himself, Nick Offerman. Mind go kablooie.

Check out the video, and some more big news after that:

The Halloween-themed clip was adapted from one of the ADHD team's favorite "Ask Axe Cop" features as a test, in preparation for the upcoming launch of the show. The big news, of course, is that Offerman voiced Axe Cop for this test at least, which is pretty much perfect voice casting. Oh, and the show will now launch in Summer, 2013, though no specific date was mentioned.

ADHD is a new late night animation block on Saturday nights from FOX, with a ton of short clips and animations... Though so far, Axe Cop is the only feature that's been announced, so stay tuned. And Happy Chop-oween!