BPRD, Bedlam, And Joe Kubert Presents: New Comics For October 31st

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail, nor a combination of every weather pattern imaginable thrown together into a horrific monstrosity can stop the comics*. This week, we’re most excited about the landmark BPRD: HELL ON EARTH #100 from Dark Horse! Things have been looking bad for our paranormal investigating heroes for a while, but without spoiling anything, things in this issue get way, way worse. That thing you suspected the title “Return of the Master” was referring to? Well, Mike Mignola and company show their hand this issue, and you were, in fact, correct. Yipes.

Dark Horse is also releasing the superb ANGEL & FAITH #15, which takes a bit of a “Times Past” approach to illuminate the history of the villains that are making our titular heroes lives hell – literally. It’s a doozy, and a gorgeously illustrated one, too.

Over at IDW, some of our favorite licensed properties get released in the same week! First there’s DOCTOR WHO #2, rebooted by Andy Diggle and Mark Buckingham, and perfect for anyone who is missing the Ponds already. There’s also the ridiculous, over-the-top GODZILLA #6; the increasingly exciting STAR TREK #14; and ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM #3, which is pretty much the definition of good comics.

Image Comics has two books sure to bend your mind quite a bit. First, there’s the heavily hyped BEDLAM #1 from writer Nick Spencer and artist Riley Rossmo. It’s just getting started in this issue, but we’re excited to see where it goes next. Oh, and for maximum surprise, don’t read ANYTHING about the book in advance, especially not the solicit text. Cool? Cool. There’s also HAPPY #2, continuing Grant Morrison’s look at the world’s scariest Brony.

Over at Marvel Comics, we’re intrigued by A PLUS X #1, which has a fun line-up of artists and writers teaming Avengers and X-Men. There’s also the really solid Event follow-up AVX: CONSEQUENCES #4. And over in WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #19, we’re still reeling from the death of a beloved character last issue.

Meanwhile, DC Comics goes old-school with GHOSTS #1 and JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #1. The former is a Halloween anthology; the latter contains some of the last stories Kubert ever worked on. So bothe are worth your time.

And that’s it! Stay safe everyone, and we’ll see you next week for post-election comics!

*Though maybe it will? At this point, it’s unclear what the Frankenstorm will do for comics deliveries and store closings on the East Coast, so buy digital, buy often.