The Daily Geek: Hurricane Sandy Edition

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- SANDY! As the East Coast prepares for Hurrican Sandy's wrath, the internet has - of course - supplied us with a bunch of memes.-

- HEDGEHOG IN A TU TU! Buzzfeed collected 28 photos you need to see before you experience Sandy's wrath.

- SILENT HILLIAN! Check out this collection of empty NYC subway and train stations.

- IN REALI-LIFE NEWS! Google has created a very handy "crisis map" to track every detail of Sandy's path.


- GIVE THEM THE FLASH! MTV Splash Page offers up 5 comic book suggestions for the Wachowskis to adapt.

- LET'S HOPE FOR THOSE BLU-RAY SALES! Speaking of "Cloud Atlas," the $100 miilion epic took in only $9.4 million this past weekend.

- MIKE MEYERS IS MIKE MYERS "I never learned to read!"


'Til tomorrow, gang! (as long as I still have power!)