Denny's Gets A Middle-Earth Themed Menu In Celebration of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'

The studios will do just about anything to promote their upcoming films and even though "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is probably one of the few films everyone and the brother already knows about, that hasn't stopped Warner Bros. from from making sure it's constantly in our face, even while we eat. That's right, what you're seeing is the new Hobbit-themed menu at Denny's.

The new Hobbit menu, which will hit Denny's tables on November 6th, consists of 11 new food items, including things like the Hobbit Hole Breakfast, Frodo’s Pot Roast Skillet, Gandalf’s Gobble Melt, Shire Sausage, Lonely Mountain Treasure and, of course, the Build Your Own Hobbit Slam.

Adding to the Middle-Earth breakfast, lunch and dinner fun, Denny's customer's who order select entrees will also be given a trading card pack (one of 12 to collect) featuring collectible cards and Denny's coupons. Placemats at the restaurant chain will also sport QR codes that customers can scan to check out Hobbit-related content like videos and online games. You can check out Denny's Hobbit Inspired Menu TV spot below.