Amazing Aluminum Can Sculptures Depict Batman, Mario, Pokemon And More!

The giant scrap metal Transformers we showed you last year were awesome, but these geeky aluminum can sculptures are a whole different breed of scrap metal art, and they're absolutely brilliant. Created by Japanese artist Makaon, the sculptures depict all sorts of characters, including our pals from Toy Story, Batman, Star Wars, Pokemon and more. Head past the break for loads of photos!

One of my favorites has to be this Batman can sculpture, clearly inspired by the animated series. It's amazing how well Makaon is able to gather all of the correct colors while staying true to the material they're working with.

Of course, sticking with Batman as our favorite is going to be pretty tough. Especially considering how awesome this Darth Vader bust is...

If you think Batman and Vader turned out good, take a look at these Pokemon sculptures, including characters like Pikachu, all the forms of Charmander and of course, Squirtle.

Any gamers out there will appreciate these awesome Mario, Luigi and Yoshi can sculptures...

And let's not forget two of the greatest toys to ever live, Buzz and Woody!

If you want to see more of the incredible work Makaon has completed head over to the website. While we've highlighted some of the more geek-centric sculptures, there are also loads of more traditional art pieces in the gallery.

Which one is your favorite? Hit the comments section and share your thoughts!