EXCLUSIVE: Here's The Superpowered Press Kit For 'Comic Book Men' And A Clip From This Week's Episode

Season 2 of AMC's "Comic Book Men" is kicking into high gear with an all new episode this weekend, and we've snagged your exclusive first look at a clip - plus a neat bonus for you all, the interactive press kit for the show!

In the clip, a customer tries to do the ThunderCats "HO" with Walt...which fails miserably. So it's up to Ming, pliers in hand, to teach the store owner how to properly yell like a ThunderCat, while Bryan mockingly looks on. Just another typical day at the Secret Stash, right? Watch, and see if you you're a better ho-er than Walt Falanagan:

Next up, here's the exclusive link to the season 2 press packet. Last year's was put together like a comic book, and this one is the same...except way cooler. With superpowered links, embedded videos, and more info on the denizens of the Secret Stash than you could shake Donald Blake's walking stick at. Click the cover for your first look:

"Comic Book Men" is on AMC Sundays at 11:30pm, after The Walking Dead and Talking Dead!