The Daily Geek: A Duct Tape Shredder Costume, The 'Evil Dead' Trailer, Lo Pan 'Gangnam Style' And More

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- TICK OR TREAT FOR TURTLE SOUP! Here's how you can make a Shredder costume out of Duct Tape for just 8 bucks.

- AND THERE'S GOING TO BE 3 OF THEM! The first "Hobbit" movie will be 2 hours 40 minutes.

- SWALLOW YOUR CYNICISM? Watch the Red-Band trailer for the "Evil Dead" remake. Still don't know about this.

- BUY THE BAD GUYS! comiXology is having a big DC villain sale!

- SHE'S THE ONE! 50 teen animators from the California State Summer School for the Arts Animation Class of 2012 created this slick video for the great band Japanther.

- SPEECH! Read Lana Wachowski's acceptance speech for receiving the HRC Visibility Award.

A few short weeks ago after my coming out, the three of us, Tom, Andy and I were being interviewed, one of the reporters ventured away from the subject of the film towards my gender. Imagine that, a reporter. My brother quickly stepped in, “Look, just so we’re clear,” he says, “if somebody asks something or says something about my sister that I don’t like, understand that I will break a bottle over their head.” [applause] Few words express love clearer than these.

- NANCY IN SPACE! "Nightmare on Elm Street" star Heather Langenkamp is cast in "Star Trek Into Darkness."

- SCREAM! Go see Edvard Munch's "The Scream" at MoMA in NYC.

- EAT RED'S HEAD! Hellboy Cakepops!

- THIS MOVIE IS BONKERS! io9 counts down 10 reasons why "Speed Racer" is a masterpiece.

- LO PAN STYLE! Impossible not to post this.

'Til tomorrow, gang!