You Decide: Are These New 'Jem' Dolls Truly Outrageous?

Well it seems EVERYTHING from the 80s and 90s are either being rebooted or re-released these days...and the Hasbro doll line "Jem" is no exception. Integrity Toys has just unveiled their line of new Jem dolls...let's do some comparisons here to see if everything's up to snuff:

Classic Jem/Jem Jerrica

Originally, these were both one doll, where you could change her clothing:

...but Integrity Toys knows you crazy collectors out there are gonna buy any scrap of Jem-related merch you can get your "80s Kid" mitts on -- so they are offering the dolls separately:

Wow, Jerrica looks like a real...tough cookie. I guess you have to be in this cut-throat music biz.

Now, onto Rio, Jem's boyfriend. Here's the old one:

And here's the new version:

As much as the old Rio has that David Duchovny-esque charm, I'm going to have to go with new Rio. He's a honey.

Lastly, let's check out Jem computer/goddess/woman-thing Synergy:

...and the new "Integrity Toys" Synergy:

Well, she can shoot quantum blasts out from her hand, so the new one completely wins!

Now as to the price...the limited edition Jem doll from San Diego Comic Con cost $125.00, so this might give you some idea about how the rest of these dolls might go for. My mom got me my first Jem doll at Lionel Kiddie City for $8 on clearance. However, my allowance is a little bit bigger now (and so is my desire to relive my childhood) soooo...

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