How To Turn 5 Other DC Comics Characters Into TV Gold

With the success of "Arrow," one can only imagine that the folks at DC are peeking into their vaults looking for other properties to develop as TV series (as they are currently doing with Wonder Woman). Here's a few suggestions I have for making the most of their superheroes for a sophisticated mass market audience:

Guy Gardner Green Lantern

TV Show: "Guy!"

Starring: Matthew Perry

Elevator Pitch: He's a cynical, recently-dumped sportscaster who stumbles upon an amazing ring which teaches him to be a better person through a series of wacky-yet-touching adventures.

Featuring: Aaron Sorkin as Ganthet



TV Show: "She's All Zat"

Starring: Selena Gomez

Elevator Pitch: It's tough being in high-school when you have all these cool powers and can also sing!

Featuring: the voice of Gilbert Gottfried as Zat's sassy talking bunny "Hoppy"


The Metal Men

TV Show: "The Metal Men"

Starring: Dethklok 

Elevator Pitch: A struggling heavy metal band get the power to change into actual metal after a freak accident.

Featuring: James Hetfield as Doc Magnus



TV Show: "H.A.W.K. Men"

Starring: Real-life guys who put on mechanical wings and chase down bail jumpers

Elevator Pitch: Real-life guys who put on mechanical wings and chase down bail jumpers

Featuring: That Honey Boo-Boo kid


Ambush Bug

TV Show: "I Am A Comic Book Character In A TV Series"

Starring : Danny Pudi

Elevator Pitch: It's about actor Danny Pudi being fully aware that he is playing Ambush Bug, a comic book character that is fully aware that he's in a television show. Very "Inception!"

Featuring: Dan Harmon as the DC peel-back logo

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