'Community' Has A New Halloween Treat For You!

Sure we're all bummed about the lack of new 'Community' on NBC... And particularly since we won't get to see the gang journey into the spooky confines of Pierce's haunted mansion until maybe Valentine's Day or so, as the season has been pushed back indefinitely. But that doesn't mean the Peacock isn't trying to push out "new" Community content whenever possible.

Last week, we got a mocking video about how October 19th - the previous launch date of Community Season 4 - was a "state of mind," and not actually a day of the year. This week, we've got the "Community Horror Picture Show!" Basically, it's a choose your own adventure style video, with compilation clips from the previous season's Halloween episodes - mostly from "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps."

So yeah, it's one of those "make your own video and share it with your friends!" things that the folks online like so much these days, with their pogs and the drinking the soda and the whippersnappers. But: it's also a way to watch some of the funniest, spookiest clips from Community all in one place, so there you go. You can play the game right here, or head to the link for more: