ComiXology Brings Back The 'Quantum And Woody' Goodness

Why waste your time with the best superheroes in the world when you can wallow in the very worst? I kid, of course -- the duo of "Quantum and Woody" puts such teams as "Uncanny Wolverine Bat-Avengers" to shame with their tasteful wit, inappropriate malapropisms and general goat fetishisation. And, like any addictive substance, the first one's FREE!

Only on comiXology -- with the tacit approval of Valiant Comics, of course -- can you read these classic tales again for the first time. The dream-team of Christopher Priest and M.D. "Doc" Bright bring you the misadventures of these two guys:

"Eric Henderson is a decorated Army tactical officer. Each move he makes is planned with precision. Woody Van Chelton is a goofy white guy, who's idea of detective work is hanging a suspect out a window. Investigating the suspicious deaths of their fathers, they become victims of a high-tech industrial accident that turns their bodies into pure energy. The metal gauntlets they each wear must be slammed together every 24 hours to reset their energy matrix – or their atoms will break apart. Eric adopts the codename “Quantum” to find his father’s killer. Woody wants avenge his father’s death too, but he'll stick with Woody. Can they solve the mystery without strangling each other – or destroying the world?"

See, it's like the "Odd Couple." With a goat!


It won't all be about a dead dog, I promise.

To check out one of the most asked-for comics from the entire Valiant line, check out these release dates on comiXology:

October 24th: Quantum & Woody #1-12 – including Quantum & Woody #1 for FREE

October 31st: Quantum & Woody #0, #13-21, #32 and Quantum & Woody Special: GOAT – H.A.E.D.U.S. #1


The Goat.

This Wednesday, make yours Q&W on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, or the Web! Or not! (But probably yes, go do it)

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