The Daily Geek: The 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Is Here, Freddy Dog's Coming For You And More

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- SO...WHAT KIND OF ACCENT IS THAT? The trailer for "Iron Man 3" is here, and The Mandarin sounds...interesting.

- ARROW! CW's Green Arrow series gets a full season pickup.

- SLASHER DOG! The first shot of Freddy Dog brings me much joy.

- CROPSEY LIVES! The Strange Kids Club imagines the poster for the non-existent sequel to the underappreciated "The Burning" with a humdinger of a poster.

- DANNY'S A BOOZER! Brosnan kills while Craig drinks. This is an interesting look at all the Bonds by the numbers.

- HITLER'S HEX! Meet the group who put a hex on Hitler.

From SciencePunk:

the group dressed a dummy as the German leader, and beat drums, chanted curses, and attacked the effigy with pins, axes and mighty blows.

- ORION! Love this piece of concept art for "New God Orion" by Cliff Chiang.

THE GARLICKS! You can make this teen, vampire graphic novel happen! Check it out.

Taking a day off tomorrow so 'til Thursday, gang!