The Daily Geek: The ‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer Is Here, Freddy Dog’s Coming For You And More

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SO…WHAT KIND OF ACCENT IS THAT? The trailer for “Iron Man 3” is here, and The Mandarin sounds…interesting.

ARROW! CW’s Green Arrow series gets a full season pickup.

SLASHER DOG! The first shot of Freddy Dog brings me much joy.

CROPSEY LIVES! The Strange Kids Club imagines the poster for the non-existent sequel to the underappreciated “The Burning” with a humdinger of a poster.

DANNY’S A BOOZER! Brosnan kills while Craig drinks. This is an interesting look at all the Bonds by the numbers.

HITLER’S HEX! Meet the group who put a hex on Hitler.

From SciencePunk:

the group dressed a dummy as the German leader, and beat drums, chanted curses, and attacked the effigy with pins, axes and mighty blows.

ORION! Love this piece of concept art for “New God Orion” by Cliff Chiang.

THE GARLICKS! You can make this teen, vampire graphic novel happen! Check it out.

Taking a day off tomorrow so ’til Thursday, gang!