Get A Never-Before-Seen Look At The Raptor Suits That Made 'Jurassic Park' Spring To Life

When we think back to the raptors that were featured in the big screen adaptation of Michael Crichton's "Jurassic Park" our first thought is the magic of CGI -- not of a man in a suit. However, it turns out that some scenes required actual live people, and the Stan Winston School of Character Arts has just released a never-before-seen video documenting the Raptor Suits' creation!

Stan Winston Studio apparently made multiple raptors for "Jurassic Park," including full-size cable-controlled puppets and half-puppets. However, according to a recent blog post on, "some Raptor shots were most efficiently captured with a man in a suit" and SWS supervisor John Rosengrant was chosen as the main Raptor suit performer.

What's most interesting about the Raptor suits is the way they were made. The Stan Winston team started by taking images of the Raptors and overlaying them on images of Rosengrant in various positions. The crew then did a full body cast on him, sculpting the Raptor form around the cast. Rosengrant spent weeks mimicking Raptor behaviors in the suit, and if you remember the scene where the two youngest members of the cast get cornered in the kitchen by Raptors you can attest to how well that practice paid off.

The full interview with John Rosengrant can be found in the blog post mentioned above. But before you go check out the brand new behind-the-scenes video below!