Is This The End Of 'Sexy Big Bird' Halloween Costumes? Sesame Street Threatens To Sue

The Letter Of The Day is "S," boys and girls. S, for "Sesame Street". And "sue."

How the online costume company thought they were going to get away with such numbers as "Sexy Big Bird," "Sexy Cookie Monster," and the perennial favorite "Sexy Bert and Ernie" -- and not get at least a "cease and desist" -- was beyond my comprehension. For example, here is "Sexy Bert and Ernie":


I mean, I'm not even sure how this is truly sexy. Rather, this would seem to be the stuff of nightmares, with those two women having hunted down the hapless puppet duo, cut off the tops of their heads, and wore them Leatherface-style.

(OK, "Sexy Hamburger" I can sort of see)

Now Sesame Workshop is threatening to sue Yandy for their revealing "homages" to their most beloved characters, according to the NY Daily News (who inexplicably managed to tie the story in to Mitt Romney's "Big Bird" gaffe -- does EVERYTHING have to be politicized?).

Does Sesame Workshop have a case? Can Yandy claim that the racy costumes are only parodies, and thus covered by fair use?

As of this writing, Yandy has stopped selling the Faux Sesame Street costume sets, breaking them up into such items as "Sexy Overalls" and "Yellow Dress And Stockings" -- and these swank masks for the dudes:

One of these guys could be your Halloween date, girls!

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