Ghost, Talon, And Bravest Warriors: New Comics For October 24th

While Marvel is ending some of their biggest runs, and DC launches a new year of the New 52, the title we’re most excited about this week is GHOST #1 from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto. The Dark Horse book follows right up on the serialized story from Dark Horse Presents, but DeConnick ably gets you right into the weird tale of a woman with possibly supernatural powers, the ghost hunters helping her out, and the weirdest box since "Hellraiser." Plus, Noto’s art and command of characters is fab. If you’re looking for a new title to jump on board, this is the one.

Over at DC, meanwhile, there’s TALON #1, following up on the pitch-perfect Zero issue, and launching escape artist (and former pawn of the evil Court of Owls) into the DCU proper. FLASH #13, meanwhile, follows up nicely on the insane “gorillas invading the city while all the Rogues fight each other and The Flash stuck in the middle” cliffhanger from the annual. And ALL STAR WESTERN #13 starts Jonah Hex’s slow march into space. Really.

At Marvel, the big news is that Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca are leaving Tony Stark with INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #527, after one of the most critically acclaimed runs on the title – ever. We’d raise a toast to that, but, you know: inappropriate. Other titles we’re picking up from the House of Ideas include the dimension tripping X-TREME X-MEN #5, Frank Castle blasting Spider-Man in the face (with a gun) in PUNISHER WAR ZONE #1, and GAMBIT #4, because sexy shenanigans, that’s why.

Meanwhile, BOOM! has a double hit of Pendleton Ward with ADVENTURE TIME #9 and BRAVEST WARRIORS #1. We haven’t read either yet, but the Adventure Time comic has been some superb stuff from Ryan North and company, so we’re hopeful for Bravest Warrior. And on the other end of the spectrum? Tim Seeley’s weird supernatural Fargo-meets-Slither comic is heating up with REVIVAL #4, so pick ‘er up.

That’s it! We’ll see you next week for more of those comic books we like so much.