I Don't Know About You, But I Kind Of Like The Iron Patriot Armor!

As fans everywhere wait on bated breath to see the full "Iron Man 3" trailer (read a breakdown on the recent teaser trailer over at MTV Splashpage), one question comes to mind: are you Team Iron Man or Team Iron Patriot?

Look, I guess it'd be a no-brainer that you'd be "Team Iron Man" but let's face it: that Iron Patriot armor is pretty sweet:

It just is. I don't care how much of a hardcore red-and-gold fan you are...there's just something really awesome-looking and refreshing about the colors and design on Iron Patriot. Dig those silvers and blues! It's like they mushed-up Captain America and Iron Man into one convenient bite-sized character. Remember those old-school Cap action figures with outfits and armor for every occasion -- with this one, he'd be his own shield!

Also, the Iron Patriot armor looks ready-made for some sponsorship stickers slapped on there...perhaps Starbucks, Doritos, Red Bull, Chobani. Subway.

It's just a fun armor, darn it! A change of pace. A splash of color for your shelf-porn action-figure room. I hope you all give it a chance. Team Iron Man or Iron Patriot? What's it gonna be?

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