Interview: More Info On The Upcoming 'Grimm' Comic Book Series

One of the bigger bits of news out of New York Comic Con - for TV fans at least - was the announcement of Dynamite's license for "Grimm." The NBC cops vs. storybook characters show is only just over a season old, but that doesn't mean it isn't time to hop head first into a new medium. Particularly after nearly ubiquitous ads for the show's second season invaded pretty much every comic publisher back in August. We had a chance to chat with Chris Lucero (Director of

Licensing for NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products) over e-mail about the title, and here's what he had to say:

MTV Geek: So why was the time right to bring "Grimm" to comics?

Chris Lucero: As we build out the mythology surrounding the world of the Grimms and viewers begin to really embrace the series, we’re getting a lot of requests for “more Grimm.” Yet, by the very definition of a television series, we can only provide so much viewable content at any given time. The comics give fans a chance to stay immersed in the "Grimm-verse" between episodes and between seasons; to really explore the mythology beyond what we air on television and to engage genre fans who may see it on a store shelf, but not be as familiar with the series.

Geek: There's a lot of different approaches to licensed comic properties, are we going to see this taking place between episodes? Between seasons? What's the big idea, fellas?

Lucero: We’re really hoping to build out the "Grimm-verse" and its mythology. Though we’re in the early stages of creative on the comics, we plan to explore plot lines and elements from the series that can’t be dealt with on air as fully and deeply as we’d like to. Our hope is that fans will get to experience some in-show related elements as well as some of the history behind the order of Grimms and Wesen.

Geek: One thing we hear a lot about properties like this is that comics allows you the budget you might not get on TV, in order to go nuts? Is that the case here?

Lucero: Our goal is to be true to the series and the show canon that has already been established. While I think “going nuts” is a bit of an exaggeration, comics do allow us the freedom to explore elements that television cannot always present, just due to the confines of the medium. That’s not to say that we won’t try to capture an epic-ness in storytelling for the comics, but more importantly, the comics must feel like an organic extension of the series...don’t expect Nick’s adventures to suddenly extend “Moonraker-style” into outer space, just because the medium may appear to have fewer boundaries.

Geek: When you've been so focused with season one, and season two having (relatively) just kicked off, is there any chance of getting too big, too quick? Or is it just one comic, and I should calm down?

Lucero: Our goal is for an on-going monthly series that helps to expand the "Grimm-verse," not contradict it. The one thing we won’t do is allow the comics to derail the creative direction of our series and we hope you and fans everywhere will, sit back, relax and join us in the’s going to be fun!

Geek: Any word on the writers/artists? And are we going to see the staff from "Grimm" collaborating at all?

Lucero: With all of our licensed products, we don’t work in a vacuum; we want input from the amazing creative team at "Grimm"...they’ve done a tremendous job creating this universe and crafting such detailed mythology, and we couldn’t move forward without having their knowledge and enthusiasm as part of the creative process on the comics.

Geek: Will we see the comic book and TV show tying together at all? Maybe character show up in one, then continue in the other?

Lucero: Though we are in the early stages of the comic, all things are possible... Stay tuned.