'Gravity Falls' Goes Fine Art For Disney's 'Some Kind Of Monster' Gallery Show

"The Most Terrifying Monster of All" (mixed media) – Alex Hirsh, Creator and executive producer "Gravity Falls"

Here's a cool project the Disney Animation folks set up that previously has been held out of the public's eye: last week, they had the crews of some of their shows including 'Gravity Falls' submit art on the theme "Some Kind of Monster." That meant the shows' creators, like Alex Hirsh; but also the guys working in the trenches.

The results were fun riffs on the looks and characters of the shows they work on. But rather than blathering on about it, here's a look at the art, courtesy Disney Animation:

"Milk & Cookies" (digital) – Kyle Boyd, Production Department Secretary

"Zombie Ever After" – Kate Moran, "Gravity Falls" production secretary

"B. Flores" – Josh Parpan, "Gravity Falls" background painter

"Shut up. Everything is fine" – Matt Chapman, storywriter on "Gravity Falls"