MTV Geek's Steven Smith Gives His New York Comic Con Recap!

New York Comic Con kicked my ASS. In a good way, I mean. The bruises on my posterior are only minor and badges of honor for days well geeked. There were many, many highlights and zero lowlights, unless you count some of the cosplay. OH the cosplay. How awesome you be! Let’s sum up my time therein.

Thursday was a short day with a few jaunts on the floor, a sampling of convention cuisine, oh and hanging with Ben Folds Five! One of my favorite artists who kindly took the time to be Fraggle-ized by "Mouse Guard" and Eisner Award winner Daivd Petersen. Why Fraggles you ask? Then you haven’t seen THIS!

Our Livestream began early Friday morning with a Grant, Grant Morrison. Seriously, this is how I start my day, chatting with a man who drips style and has an accent Sean Connery envies. We spoke of all things Super, all things Grant, and I left my copy of "Invisibles" number 1 on my counter at home. Curses!

After an amazing Beatles geek out with "Fifth Beatle" writer Vivek J. Tiwary (who is also responsible for "American Idiot", among other Broadway smashes) I sat down with honestly my favorite dudes ever, Man of Action Studios, the men behind "Ben 10" everything, the "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series, and some of your favorite comics. Stephen, Duncan, Joe and Joe are the coolest conglomerate and I wish more companies were like them. There’d be no recession I tell you that. They had an amazing announcement to make yet played the, “We can’t tell you yet” card. This was a common theme through NYCC. We have something INSANELY COOL to tell you but can’t just yet. COME ON!

Robert Kirkman hung out for a bit and did nothing to assuage my serious fear of zombies but did give me hope something cool and animated may happen with "Invincible". He’s also a super cool down to earth guy. Got to watch out for those humble folks – their brains are filled with awesome.

I got to meet television scribe and amazing lady Jane Espenson who not only wrote one of my favorite episodes of "Firefly" (Shindig) but has a fantastic web series called "Husbands" which I encourage everyone to check out. Do it now.

After lunch, and by lunch I mean a few bites of a vegetable wrap in-between interviews. No, I’m not a vegetarian BUT ALL THE OTHER SANDWICHES WERE GONE. Like I say, after “lunch” Jim Lee and Dan DiDio (whose name I will never able to pronounce unless it’s like Dio as in Ronnie James RIP) talked about the haps with the New 52, which is seriously rocking and/or rolling. Jim kindly signed something for someone and for kicks sketched Superman on it. Took him like four seconds. Man is a marvel. PUN!

Guillermo del Toro dropped by – let’s that sink in for a second. I’ll wait. GUILLERMO DEL F**KING TORO. We talked "Pacific Rim". The Kaiju! The Kaiju! And I made him promise to make "Hellboy 3". I didn’t really but he wants to so there’s that. I should also mention, he wasn’t on the schedule at all but Mike Mignola stopped in and the Hellboy geekery took over the room, almost as if Hellboy was there. Guess he kinda was.

Saturday was no less spectacular. The cast of "The Walking Dead" hung out with us in our skybox just as a group of lumbering zombies lumbered by. The timing was hilarious, unless it was intentional, then it’s creepy. Kirkman hung out again and remained cool and calm. Again, watch out for this guy, he’s always thinking.

"The Person of Interest" cast came through, which is cool and a great show, but I really enjoyed chatting with Michael Emerson about his being, oh I don’t know, THE JOKER. "The Dark Knight Returns Part 2" is chock full of the chalk white clown prince of crime and is voiced by frickin’ Benjamin Linus! This takes creepy to the next level and it’s a creepy I dig.

Then Rob Corddry and Paul Scheer came by. Excuse me, Emmy Award Winner Rob Corddry and Paul Scheer came by. Not sure what awards Paul has won but he deserves them dammit. Rob is one of my favorite comedic folks and I love love LOOOOVE "Children’s Hospital". "NTSF SD: SUV" is also hilarious but I love anything Paul Scheer does. For a while the interview just stopped and we got to watch them riff for a bit. That was worth the price of admission, which was free because we’re press but still damn funny. Neither of them offered to have me do a cameo but that’s totally fine. No really, it is.

We had an actual lunch on Saturday EXCEPT WE DIDN’T. Not one bite into my vegetable wrap (you bastards in the production office got all the good sammiches didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU!) when we are told, Stan Lee is here. Stan wasn’t on our schedule but wanted to stop by. Now we were in a skybox overlooking the entire convention. Fans would clamor about below us. There was a huge group for "Walking Dead", for "Person of Interest" but nothing compared to the mass when Stan the Man was with us. He shouted Excelsior to the crowd and through the glass they shouted it back! It was an incredible moment.

And then Deadpool. For reals yo! Activision and Marvel brought in Deadpool and he had mouth on him. Well, under his mask. Then he made fun of my hair. We brought in Ryan Reynolds. Boom. No we didn’t. But how amazing would that have been? Geoff Johns let us peak inside his head for moment yes his brain is a computer, I was right. My other favorite guys Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick enamored us with tales of the new season of "Venture Bros" and their style put me to shame, AGAIN. I always look rumpled and these gents have their look down. Kudos to Jackson for wearing corduroy. Bold move sir, bold.

Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano talked "Dark Knight Returns part 1 and 2" as well as how important the voice actors are to everything they do. One of my favorite things about the world of geekery is we give voice actors their due. They are an integral part of the process and Andrea is their Gepetto. She was so kind and is responsible for Kevin Conroy as Batman so there’s that!

Saturday’s denouement was Mr. Tyler Posey from "Teen Wolf" and "Teen Wolf’s" creator Jeff Davis. Tyler has more energy than seven energizer bunnies and is a cool dude to boot. Have a great birthday in Vegas my friend! Don’t’ do that one thing but definitely do the the other one.

Sunday was calm. Kevin Bacon and the cast of "The Following" joined us and he couldn’t have been cooler. Aside from every other damn movie I was talking with Sebastian Shaw! He told us a fun story about wearing the Magneto helmet. You should watch, it’s pretty funny. Kevin Bacon people! That’s how you finish a Comic Con.

It’s been a week and I’m STILL tired. NYCC kicked my ass but the MTV Geek team is like no other so it was the most enjoyable ass kicking I’ve had since San Diego. MTV Geek is the real deal folks. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go tweet insults at Deadpool. “Hey @Deadpool, at least I have hair!” It’s funny cuz he’s fictional.

Steven Smith’s happy place is a comic book convention, his podcast Going Off Track is about to get a lot of cool comic people coming by so listen for that, AND Dave Gibbons stopped by, yes that Dave Gibbons. Not like Steven has doubles of every issue of the Watchmen at his house, nope. DAMMIT!

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