'Community' Cast Reassures Us That "October 19th" Is A State Of Mind

Yes, the previously-stated season premiere date for "Community" may come and go this week -- with no official word about when it will indeed air -- but The Study Group filmed a short video for all us fans, reassuring us that "October 19th is a state of mind."

The video takes place as a "Troy and Abed in the Morning" sketch:

Abed: "Welcome to our fourth season. We spoke to the powers-that-be, and we agreed to premiere on October 19th --"

Pierce: "What powers that be?! It's just the two of you pretending to have a show!"

Troy (under his breath): "Sometimes it feels that way..."

Nope, nopey-nope-nope...no bitterness here! (The line about how the network decided to give the monkey "Annie's Boobs" its own show is another dig, referring to the recently-cancelled "Animal Practice")

Flash Mob! Flash Mob!

However -- the fact that this video is airing on NBC's official YouTube itself, and not, say, Dan Harmon's secret Rebel Basement, is a good sign that all is not lost for "Community."

Until we get that much-hoped for, much-speculated about premiere date, let us all remember:


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