5 Questions I Have About The New 'Justice League' Movie

As MTV Splashpage reported this morning, the long-awaited Justice League movie finally has a release date -- and wouldn'tcha know it's the same year "Avengers 2" is coming out?

But competition only produces awesomer movies, I say, though I still have a few burning questions about said Justice League film:

1. Is it going to be based on the "New 52" Universe?

Honestly, I sure hope so, 'cause I'm spending a lot of money on said universe & I'd hate to give those books away in Halloween goody bags come 2015. Is "New 52" the sort of "blank slate" that the eventual Justice League movie will be based on? Was this all in The Plan? Or are we going to look forward to yet another "Crisisey" (yes, I have just coined this fine word much praise to me) event that provides synergy to the movie universe in some way?

Granted, there's been hints that the upcoming "Trinity War" and such might shake the DCU like an ol' Etch A Sketch. But even so, the first arc on the "New 52" "Justice League" pretty much read like a script for a JL movie. You know: everybody meets each other for the first time, etc. Ends with Superman kissing Wonder Woman against a dewy night sky. Credits. After-credits sequence where either Pandora or Phantom Stranger stares mysteriously into a window. Etc.

2. Is the "Man of Steel" Superman the Superman for this new film?

In which case, you can totally imagine that after-credits sequence where Amanda Waller talks about how something has to be done about the "superhero menace" and maybe we see the JL crew all in silhouette. I feel that the Henry Cavill Supes HAS to be in this new "Justice League" movie, or else the toys are just going to sit and sit on the racks and Cavill will end up in a CBS comedy pilot.

3. Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt going to play Batman?

My succinct answer is: yes he should. Isn't Christopher Nolan exec producing this new "Justice League" movie or something? Who else is he going to use? Bale? No, he doesn't want to play Batman anymore. It's clearly set up at the end of "Dark Knight Rises" that John Blake is taking over the cowl & cape. Let's make this movie the first unofficial "lead-in" to the new JL flick. Might as well, right? You save money that way.

4. How about Ryan Reynolds reprising the Green Lantern role?

I don't see why not. He didn't do anything wrong with that "Green Lantern" movie. Reynolds was golden; it was the choppy editing and that villain with slime pustules all over his face that was the problem. Warner Bros. should just pretend like that movie never bombed and be like: "Reynolds is back! To heck with you fanboys" I really think they should. They still got the molds from the action figures.

5. Is this going to be a "grim n' gritty" Justice League movie?

Look, you can get away with a "grim n' gritty" Batman movie because he's an orphan dressed in black leather with horns on the top of his head. But a "grim n' gritty" Aquaman? I just don't think that's going to work. Unless you kill him straight off at the beginning of the movie; like they have a big street fight and Aquaman is literally a "fish out of water" and immediately gets capped by some thug. But that would almost slide out of "grim n' gritty" and be a little funny, like a "Robot Chicken" sketch.


Don't let this happen again:

or this:

OK, you can pretty much keep Hawkman from that last one, he was pretty awesome.

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